Advantages of Using TDS Over Other Types of Storage Options
TDS customers realize the importance of precious metals in a balanced portfolio, but they do not have the experience or industry relationships to manage the storage of the metal. Furthermore, many storage options are not accessible to retail investors which further limits options. TDS was created to offer competitive and secure storage options to investors based on industry best practices. They make it easy for you to store metal in a location that gives you peace of mind in knowing that when you want access to the metal it will be there and accessible. Outlined below are some of the advantages of using TDS:


  • Allocated storage of your metal rather than comingling with other investors. The metal
    you deposit is the metal that is returned to you.
  • TDS has a variety of locations around the world for storage so you are not limited to
    just one location or country. Today many customers like the idea of storing metal in various locations.
  • TDS will accept both new metal you acquired directly from a dealer or existing metal holdings.
  • Many times when new metal is deposited into storage, account-shipping costs are reduced or
    eliminated as metal is already at the facility and it is a matter of transferring it to the new account.
  • Quarterly auditing of material in the accounts.
  • Each storage facility maintains the primary insurance coverage for material deposited.
    TDS provides secondary insurance coverage with a commercial "all risk" insurance policy.
    A certificate of insurance is provided to each customer.