What types of product can I store with TDS? 
TDS stores all types of gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins, bars and rounds from any and all suppliers customer may wish to purchase from.

Are my products protected if I store them with TDS?
Yes. While many investors consider precious metals to be a safe haven within the financial markets, storage options such as a bank or a home vault can cause concern for some. When you store with TDS, your metal is fully insured against physical loss, theft, damage and other liabilities that other options cannot defend against.

I have precious metals that I'm currently storing somewhere else. Can I store those with TDS or can I only store direct from the supplier?
TDS will ship, store and maintain precious metals both from previous purchases and from more recent purchases. They will ship to their vault directly from your supplier, as well as from any other vault you may wish to move your inventory from.

What if I want to take physical possession of my inventory after storing with TDS?
To withdraw your products, simply contact a customer service representative at service@tdsvaults.com or 310.587.1408 and schedule either a pickup or delivery to an address of your choosing. Only individuals authorized to give direction on an account may coordinate a withdrawal.