Are my products safe in storage with TDS? 
Yes. TDS starts by only holding material in facilities that they are familiar with and offer a high degree of security and insurance. They will hold a secondary insurance policy on all material and regular audits of material held in each depository.

Will my product be mixed in with other inventory? 
No. Your holdings are kept completely segregated within each vault and will never be mixed with anyone else's. Customers' precious metals are not assets of TDS, but assets of the customer; therefore they must be kept separate.

Are my products protected if I store them with TDS? 
Yes. While many investors consider precious metals to be a safe haven within the financial markets, storage options such as a bank or a home vault can cause concern for some. When you store with TDS, your metal is fully insured against physical loss, theft, damage and other liabilities that other options cannot defend against.