How does storage with TDS work? 
TDS only works with clients who are referred from a precious metal dealer or institution. Clients can coordinate deposits when they purchase the metal from these firms or transfer existing holdings to one of their vaults. In either case, the customer service staff at TDS will work with you to open the account and transfer the metal as required.

Where are my products stored if I choose the storage option with TDS? 
Your precious metals are stored in a secure vault operated by a leading depository company, such as Brink's, Via-Mat International or Malca-Amit.

Why does TDS use different depository companies? 
TDS is an international company and fully recognizes that different countries require different modes of expertise in the precious metals industry. They consider each of their partners to be the most efficient, secure and accountable in their own individual regions.

Why should I store my assets with TDS?
There are many considerations when choosing a depository for your holdings. TDS is a full-service depository offering unparalleled security, service and physical access to your holdings. Your holdings are held in custody on an insured basis while providing you the flexibility and convenience that you need. All your holdings are held at the most reputable security companies in the world. You can view your account online so you have up to the minute details of all your holdings.