Retail Gold Site is a major precious metals dealer in gold, silver, and platinum throughout the United States.

    We offer a wide variety of bullion products, and we are a trusted dealer of worldwide mint products, including the popular American gold eagle coins and various silver bullion coins.


     If you are new to bullion investing, we think you will like what you see.  Consider these features we offer our clients:


  • No sales tax charged on your order
  • Your “Client Representative” will give you “one-on-one” personalized attention and educate you and your family about the benefits of owning precious metals in your portfolio.
  • Simple payment by personal check, cashier’s check or bank wire transfer.
  • Delivery is by fully insured shipping to your door, to your banking institution or by local pick-up at our site. Our Buy-Back policy (also called a voluntary liquidation), ensures you always have a market for your paid bullion orders.  Our Buy-Back policy is simple - at any time after you’ve fully paid your order, even if it’s before you’ve received delivery of your bullion, you can sell your order back to us at our current then set price.
  • Orders of $250,000 or more require approval by Retail Gold Site before completion.


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